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1 Calcium Sennosides Laxative
2 Capsacine Analgesic/Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
3 Colchicine Drugs treatment of Govt /Anti-cancer
4 Camptothicine Anti Cancer Intermediate
5 Digoxin Used to treat Congestive heart failure
6 10 DAB(10-de Acetyl Baccatin II) Anti-cancer Intermediate
7 Forskohlin Relaxation arteries and moth muscle cells lower blood and aid blood Circulation anti-obesity.
8 Hyoscine butyl Bromide (Scopolamine Hydro Bromide) Anti-spasmodic/prevent travel treatment
9 Bergapten Psoriasis
10 Methyl Cobalamine Vitamins
11 Resperine Anti-hypertension
12 Raubasine Anti-hypertensive
13 Methoxasalen For pigmentation
14 Solanesol Anti-inflammatory
15 Thiocolchicoside Muscle Relaxant
16 Yohimdine Hydrochloride Erectile Dysfunction& Mydriatic Agent
17 Psoralen Topical pigmentation Agent
18 Ajmaline Antiarrhythmic